Welcome to the world of successful breastfeeding and pumping!

Are you frustrated when you pump because you just don't express enough milk? Are you afraid that you can't pump enough to satisfy your baby? If so, then the Pumping Secrets CD is for you.

Pumping Secrets is the only CD that stimulates the nursing mom's senses and memory using music and baby sounds. It guides her gently through the familiar patterns of a typical nursing session. The CD recording - the music and the baby sounds - leads the nursing mom through every phase, from prepping herself, to deep relaxation, to switching breasts, to finishing the session (timed appropriately for Single or Double Pumping).

Making the transition from full time nursing to part time pumping isn't always easy. But you are not alone!

Iā€™m Jenniffer Milone, a working mother of three. I too, was determined to breastfeed, but found it difficult to pump successfully when I returned to the office. I tried everything to keep up my milk supply, and to pump enough to satisfy my growing baby, but was driven to tears of frustration. I nearly gave up, until I discovered a way to gently rid my body of tension and using my senses and my memory, was able to connect ā€“ almost immediately ā€“ with my baby, though we were apart! I realized I had devised an effortless way that would work for any mother who had to be away from baby!



Pumping Secrets

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Pumping Secrets: How to Combine Breastfeeding and Work

Why We Love It: Stimulating mom's nursing memory, soothing music and baby sounds lead her through the whole process, from prep, to switching breasts, to deep relaxation. Helps increase milk production and letdown reflex to make pumping easier and more efficient.

Reviewer Raves: "The music is very calming and helpful in creating a peaceful and serene environment. It definitely helped to relax me and was even nice to listen to when not nursing or pumping." [more]