What's on the CD

Music and baby sounds to encourage your milk supply ... even when you're away from baby.

Three simple listening programs (detailed instruction booklet inside the CD!):
  • Breastfeeding (50 min.)
  • Single Pumping (20 min.)
  • Double Pumping (10 min.)

Pumping Secrets

Increase your breast milk today, order now.

In the Press

Pumping Secrets: How to Combine Breastfeeding and Work

Why We Love It: Stimulating mom's nursing memory, soothing music and baby sounds lead her through the whole process, from prep, to switching breasts, to deep relaxation. Helps increase milk production and letdown reflex to make pumping easier and more efficient.

Reviewer Raves: "The music is very calming and helpful in creating a peaceful and serene environment. It definitely helped to relax me and was even nice to listen to when not nursing or pumping." [more]