Workplace Lactation

Photo of an actual Workplace Lactation Room

When working moms can continue breastfeeding after they return from their maternity leave, it is a "win win" situation for everyone! Babies will have fewer illnesses so working moms will ultimately have fewer sick days to care for their infants. Companies will then benefit from decreased employee turnover and lower overall health care costs. However, many new breastfeeding mothers stop prematurely because they know they will have to return to work shortly after their baby is born.
But what if there was a way new mothers could return to work and still breastfeed? A way she could work and express breast milk in a private comfortable environment? Guess what? There are ways for nursing working moms to attain their breastfeeding goals. Many companies have Workplace Lactation Programs already in place. These businesses recognize the benefits of breastfeeding, and support working mothers who want to continue to provide breast milk for their baby. Limerick, Inc. is the leading company to provide solutions for corporations offering support for the working breastfeeding mom. Limerick is the only company who’s Workplace Lactation Program is research based. Limerick’s study shows that with the support of the employee’s company and Limerick’s services and products nursing mothers can reach their breastfeeding goals and work full time. The study also shows retention as some of the mothers have had 2 and 3 children while working at the same company. Savvy employers have realized that support for breastfeeding does much more than simply meet legal mandates (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care act HR3590).

The Limerick Workplace Lactation Program consists of three components:

  • Education
  • Counseling
  • PJ’s comfort 1-½ pound hospital grade breast pump
For more information on the Limerick Workplace Lactation Program, please visit their site at:

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