Pumping Secrets

Breast Milk Pumping Routine

Breast Milk Pumping Routine

Find a quiet, intimate environment to comfortably express your milk.

Use this same environment as often as possible each time you express your milk when away from home.

Sight: Soften lighting in the room. Focus on a framed photo of your baby. If you are in front of a computer, put baby's picture on the computer screen, or even better, select a slide show view of the pictures saved on your computer.

Smell: Use the same scent for the room that you chose for breastfeeding with the baby and consistently use this same scent while expressing milk. If it's the smell of the baby you chose, bring in clothing from baby. If it is baby's moisturizer, brings it in and rub them on your shoulder or neck so you can take in the scent you recall from baby. If it's a room freshener you chose, bring the same scent to work and emulate your breastfeeding environment with the room spray.

Touch: Use a warm compress pad and layer it over shoulders and neck to reach your breasts. Compress may also be placed on or around the breast to emulate the warmth of the baby, prepare for breasts to let-down, and even relieve tension in neck and shoulders of the work place. If you brought your baby's clothing or blanket to trigger your sense of smell, touch and feel them as you deliberately visualize baby and close your eyes to relax.

Hearing: Listen to the Pumping Secrets CD, Soft Piano. Track 2 - Double Pumping Program (10 minutes) or Track 3 - Single Pumping Program (20 minutes). Begin listening when you turn on your pump, or a few moments earlier to help prepare you mentally and physically for expression. Listen intently and use your own imagery as the sounds of the baby on the CD guide you through a full breastfeeding session from start to finish. The Pumping Program begins with the early sounds of reconnecting with baby at the start of a nursing session. Then, to the baby who is hungry and excited to nurse. There are moments of fussing and slight cries, followed by the patterns of baby sucking and swallowing. Those patterns of baby happily and actively nursing are so mesmerizing. Recall baby being fully gratified and how that makes you feel physically, as your milk is released. Take in a deep sigh of satisfaction, and take in another deep relaxing breath. Remember how you feel emotionally when watching your baby become content and fall off into a sweet slumber. Sight: Look at photos of baby, review your notes about baby from prior breastfeeding sessions.

Taste: Drink the same fluids you would be drinking if you are home with your baby. Fresh cold water, warm herbal tea, whatever is your healthiest, most enjoyable choice.

Close your eyes, continue on with slow relaxing breaths and use every sense to recall the special moments that connect you to baby.