Pumping Secrets

Breastfeeding Routine

Breastfeeding Routine for Successful Breastfeeding

Find a quiet, intimate environment to nurse your baby.

Use this same environment as often as possible each and every time you breastfeed baby.

Sight: Soften lighting in the room. Watch your baby. His/her mouth, hands, cheeks. Adore your baby.

Smell: Choose a scent for the room and consistently use this same scent. The scent could be as simple as the quality moisturizer you've chosen for your baby. It may also be the smell of the baby, or a natural/organic room aromatherapy scent, like lavender, or any other scent that is pleasing to you.

Touch: Feel the baby's warmth, and the weight of his/her body in your arms. Enjoy the baby's soft, tender skin. Nuzzle the plush baby blanket, with baby tucked up inside.

Hearing: Listen to the Pumping Secrets CD, Soft Piano. Track 1 - Breastfeeding Program. This track plays the same beautiful relaxing music over and over, for approximately 50 minutes. Listening to the music when baby is at your breast is your key to success when using the Sense Memory Method of Breast Milk Expression. It is all part of the "plan". The more you listen to the music while nursing your baby, the more memory connections you are making available through your senses. These are the memories you'll recall when expressing your milk. These sense memory triggers can be created more powerfully by a conscious awareness of what you're hearing. As you listen to the music and bond with your baby, remember that the music is a tool to assist you in recalling these amazing moments. Take advantage of this tool, and if possible, listen to the Pumping Secrets CD during each and every breastfeeding session.

Listen to your baby! Listen intently to all the sounds your baby makes while nursing. In particular, the sounds of the baby's sucking and swallowing. Are there any new sounds? What about the sweet sighs? The yawns, coos or even giggles. Any slurping sorts of sounds as baby readjusts? Your awareness to as many sounds baby makes will continue to enhance your sensory experiences, and thus; your recollection of them.

Taste: Drink fresh cold water, warm herbal tea, whatever healthy beverage you enjoy most.

Mindfully recognize all of your senses. Document special observations, thoughts, emotions or feelings in your Journal.