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Finding a Lactation Consultant

Finding a Lactation Consultant

If you feel that something isn't working and baby just isn't getting enough milk, contact your Pediatrician or an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) right away. This is one of the ways to insure your continued breastfeeding success. Sometimes, in difficult breastfeeding situations, no online information and support can possibly replace the comprehensive services of an in-person visit to a lactation consultant.

Before you become so exasperated that you consider giving up nursing altogether, please GET HELP! At the very least, you'll weed out any superficial worries or concerns, and if something is wrong, you're there ... getting help. Since breastfeeding alone is such a sophisticated blend of emotions and hormonal responses; imagine the additional emotions and stressors when you must be away from baby. Visiting a lactation consultant may be just the boost of confidence you need to insure that you and baby are doing just fine.

This link will assist you in finding a Board Certified Lactation Consultant in your area. http://www.ilca.org/falc.php

If you can not find a lactation consultant who is near your area on this database here are some additional options:

  • Ask your physician, midwife, or friends for a referral 
  • Look in your local Yellow Pages under "Lactation Consultants" or "Breastfeeding"