Pumping Secrets

Finding the Right Pump

Finding the Right Pump

Finding the Right Pump

You want the best thing for your baby. You've already made the choice to breastfeed, so now it is time to choose the best for yourself! In choosing the right breast pump, you must first assess your breastfeeding needs so that you can choose the best breast pump for you and your own unique needs.

All mothers have their own unique needs when it comes to breastfeeding. Some moms are on the go and will need breast pumps that are portable. Other moms will need breast pumps in order to help prevent breast engorgement. The reasons for choosing a breast pump are endless but as a mom, you will need to determine what is your unique need when it comes to making the best choice for you on the purchase or rental of a breast pump.

The PJ's Comfort® evidenced based, Hospital Grade breast pump, a lightweight 1-1/2lb unit that goes from hospital to home to work.

Electric and Hospital Grade Breast Pumps:

For mothers who plan on returning to work after giving birth, an electric breast pump should be your first choice in order to save time and effort in pumping your breast milk. My personal preference is a hospital grade breast pump. The better the quality of the breast pump, the better the effectiveness in pumping your breast milk. With a hospital grade electric breast pump, you can effectively pump both breasts at the same time (double-pumping) and achieve maximum results in a limited time. Usually only ten minutes for a typical double pumping session.

Those mothers who need to increase their breast milk supply should seriously consider an electric breast pump because a double breast pump is generally needed to assist in developing your breast milk supply. I started my breast pumping experience with an electric breast pump in order to double pump and quickly return to work. For the first few weeks, an electric pump was effective and I had enough pumped breast milk for my son while I was working. But after about four weeks or so, I was having trouble keeping up with his growing demands and I moved to a hospital grade breast pump. Although I still had challenges in my breast milk supply, thus the creation of Pumping Secrets, there is no doubt that the hospital grade breast pump was much more effective in expressing my breast milk.

Our moms out there who are nursing babies with special needs should use a hospital grade breast pump. As you know, these babies need all the milk that they can get.A hospital grade breast pump will ensure the best assistance in helping your milk come in, if baby is not able to breastfeed directly with you. In addition, a hospital grade breast pump is the most effective way to pump both of your breasts and will result in the highest quantity of breast milk to keep available for your baby whether your breast milk is kept at home or in the hospital for use.

A hospital grade breast pump is an investment, both financially and for your baby's health - should you need to express your breast milk. The photos above are of the PJ's Comfort® hospital grade electric breast pump, showing just a few of the many accessories available. When considering the investment of a hospital grade breast pump, I urge you to research your choice. The PJ's Comfort® breast pump is portable, hospital grade and most importantly comfortable. Comfort is not only important but an absolute necessity to build a strong milk supply and express what is needed to meet your baby's growing demands.

LIMERICK Inc. offers the leading national Workplace Lactation Program in the United States. Based on their experience as leading lactation experts, Limerick developed the PJ's Comfort® evidenced based, Hospital Grade breast pump, a lightweight 1-1/2lb unit that goes from hospital to home to work. PJ's Comfort® patented technology and unique features include a comfortable, “one size fits all” Sof-touch™ collapsible silicone cup that provides both compression and vacuum just like a nursing baby. Other features includeself-adjusting vacuum and cycle control that allow you to adjust so it closely imitates your baby's nursing pattern, and a built in timer. The PJ's Comfort® breast pump features a scientifically tested filter that prevents milk, bacteria and viruses from entering the pump. PJ's Comfort® also offers a hands-free pumping system that can be used with any nursing bra.

Manual Breast Pumps:

If you find you are prone to engorgement or sore nipples, then it is advisable that you purchase a manual breast pump because you will have control of the pumping action.

For moms out there who need to run errands here and there, or would like to step out for a little bit of “me” time, a manual breast pump is a cost effective choice. A manual breast pump is all that is needed to pump enough breast milk for a baby sitter to take care of baby while you step away. Manual breast pumps will also allow for dad and other family members to have the thrill of feeding your baby.

Remember, in choosing the right breast pump, you also need to be certain you are choosing the right breast shield or flange. Just as all moms have different needs, we all come in different sizes. Be sure that the flange fits your breast correctly. Breast milk collection may actually increase with the properly fitted breast shield.