Pumping Secrets

How it Works

How It works

Then…. Relax and let Pumping Secrets help you, gently and naturally.

Did you know that your body releases oxytocin when you hear a baby cry? Any baby! It doesn’t even have to be your own! Our bodies, as mammals, were designed this way. So just the sounds of a baby will help get your let-down reflex going! So how can Pumping Secrets help you begin producing more milk and having a faster let-down?

By providing you with the actual sounds of a breastfeeding session. A professional sound recording with the close up sounds of baby’s coos and cries, suckles and gulps, combined with soothing piano music.

Every help guide reminds moms to “relax”. Please! How can you relax at the office, miles from baby, hooked up to cold pieces of plastic? And I KNOW better. I worked for Fit Pregnancy and Mom & Baby magazines, for heaven’s sake! I know breastfeeding!

Knowing that breast milk is best for baby, I was determined to combine working and breastfeeding. I’m sure you know how hard it can be sometimes to trust yourself – or rather, trust your body. Eventually, I figured out a way I could work with my body to get that milk flowing, and decided to share it with other moms all over the world!

I did some research and found out something amazing: a nursing mom will react to the sound, touch, smell and/or cry of an infant – any infant. This will ring true for any mom whose breasts leaked just because she heard another baby crying nearby! I was amazed! And believe it or not, the baby doesn’t have to be within her reach, sight or smell to trigger a let-down response!

So here’s what I did. While nursing Lucas, I listened to the same beautiful music I listened to while nursing my other two sons. I brought the CD to the office and played it, concentrating really hard on recalling the sounds my babies made while nursing. The music relaxed me but I still wanted more. I thought, “If I could only have the sounds of Lucas”, maybe that would help. So I went to a professional studio and had the close up sounds of my son breastfeeding recorded. Crazy, I know, but I was desperate! I really wanted this to work. Expressing breast milk that is, and continuing my breastfeeding experience.

I brought my recording in to the office and used it while I was pumping. Guess what? The sounds brought me back to my baby, then my muscles let go; I could get my head out of the way and let my body associate the music and sounds with my hungry infant.

The reaction? No more drop-by-drops. The bottle filled with that familiar stream. Pumping got so much easier! I sat there in the dimmed office, empowered and confident; I knew that something was finally right! The music, baby sounds and the sense memories they evoked, did all the work. I realized I had a method that worked brilliantly for me and, with a bit of refinement, could work just as well for other nursing moms who need an extra nudge to combine breastfeeding and pumping their breast milk.

So . . . Here it is! PUMPING SECRETS, the only MP3/CD that stimulates the nursing mom’s memory and senses using music and baby sounds as it guides her gently through the familiar patterns of a typical nursing session.

The CD recording – the music and the baby sounds – leads the nursing mom through every phase, from prepping herself, to deep relaxation, to switching breasts, to finishing the session: timed appropriately for Single or Double Pumping.

Nursing is an intensely personal dance between you and your baby, and PUMPING SECRETS can insure that you get off on the right foot, in privacy and an atmosphere of loving peace, even when you return to work. No more anxiety about the number of droplets in the bottle! No worrying about producing enough milk! PUMPING SECRETS helps you internalize the keys to mental (and physical!) relaxation, and triggers your body’s breastfeeding responses.

The results? Effortless pumping… even when you’re away from baby.

So use Pumping Secrets today and TRUST yourself! Nature has already insured your body will respond!