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My Story

My Story

I'm Jenniffer Milone, Full time working outside of the home, mother of three. CEO and Founder of Pumping Secrets. I breastfed my first two boys only three to four months as I had to go back to work ... and I was not very successful with my pumping. I've been working for Fit Pregnancy and Mom & Baby magazines, advocates of breastfeeding, for almost seven years now. So when I had my third son in 2004, it wasn't a question of "Jenniffer, are you going to breastfeed?" It was "So, how long do you plan on breastfeeding?" I was determined to breastfeed for at least a year. In doing so, (while crashing in my attempt to overcome the next of many hurdles) I tried a few different techniques that worked for me, techniques I'm confident will work for other moms who must be away from baby. It all has to do with relaxing, of course, but also using your God-given senses to purposely re-create (using your memory) closeness to your baby.

I was on my maternity leave for approximately 10 weeks. Everything was going great! We were still nursing well even during my first few weeks back to work. But then, a growth spurt hit! (I learned this after a visit to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.) I tried everything to keep up my milk supply, and to pump enough to satisfy my growing baby, but was driven to tears of frustration. I nearly gave up, until I discovered a way to gently rid my body of tension and using my senses and my memory, was able to connect - almost immediately - with my baby, even when we were apart! I realized I had devised an effortless way that would work for any mother who had to be away from baby!

My goal is to help women transition more easily from full-time nursing to part-time pumping. Pumping Secrets® is easy to use and perfectly safe - it is a pumping method designed to work with your senses and your memory to stimulate your milk flow, easily and efficiently.

Most importantly, never lose sight of how precious this time is with your baby. You are giving your little one the most valuable gift you possibly can and it's my sincerest wish that Pumping Secrets® helps make this time together as wonderful and memorable as it can possibly be.

- Jenniffer Milone, Full time working outside of the home, mother of three. CEO and Founder of Pumping Secrets.