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Pumping Tips for Expressing More Breast Milk

The most important tip for expressing your breast milk with a breastpump is to be sure that you have a comfortable quality breast pump to use. There are many on the market with many variables including: price, portability, single or double pumping, suction strength - hospital grade vs. personal, and manual or electric. My preference has always been an electric hospital grade double pump.

Before pumping, massage your breasts and use a warm compress to help get your milk flowing

Relax and follow a breast milk pumping routine while using the Pumping Secrets MP3/CD.

Begin your breast milk pumping by starting on a slower suction setting and gradually move it stronger to your own comfort level. A stronger setting will not draw more milk from your breast if you are in pain. You must be comfortable and relaxed.

Be sure that the flange fits your breast correctly. Breast milk collection may increase with the proper fitting flange.

Lubricate the flange slightly on the outer edge with a little olive or lanolin oil to help the pump draw more milk without having any air pockets.

Hands free pumping bras are helpful and easy to use. I enjoyed pumping my breast milk with a hands free bra because I was able to get work done on my computer and focus on something other than “how much breast milk is in the bottle”.

Take advantage of gravity and lean slightly forward while expressing your breast milk.

Keep hydrated. Always keep a glass of water with you while expressing AND when you are breastfeeding.

Keep on schedule. Pump between baby’s normal feedings to help build your breast milk supply. By regularly pumping between baby’s feeding, you are “tricking” your body into thinking that your baby needs more milk. The regular demand of a schedule will allow your body to begin producing more milk. Remember, supply and demand. If the supply is gone and there is still a demand (pumping), your body will naturally react to the stimulants of regular pumping sessions. To help your body have additional natural stimulation, use the Pumping Secrets MP3 Download or CD with the sounds of baby suckling, cooing and fussing in order to help achieve faster let-down reflex.

Mornings are a great time to pump the most milk. I had a lot of success nursing my baby on one breast, while pumping on the other. In the mornings, I had so much milk that my baby was satisfied on just one breast, which allowed me to store the milk from the other breast, and at the same time keep tricking my body that my baby demands more milk, so ultimately, it produced more.

Have more frequent breast milk pumping sessions rather than pumping for longer periods of time. Try to make each pumping session as important as nursing a hungry baby in order to develop a demand on your body for more breast milk. In other words, if you are trying to build your supply, don’t skip a pumping session.